October 26, 2020

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Practices Cell Phones Users Must Avoid

By Victor Anya

Cell or mobile phones have become part of the daily lives of many Nigerians. This is because they are the easiest devices for communication within short and long distances. In addition to this, cell phones are portable and manageable too. Though, mobile phones have been in use for many years in many countries but they only became available in Nigeria in the year 2003. Thus, the arrival of mobile phones into the country witnessed an enthusiastic reception. The introduction of mobile phones into the Nigerian space has bridged long distances. The advantages of using mobile phones are unquantifiable hence many Nigerians haven’t spared time to study some hazards associated with the use of the device. Many Nigerians have paid dearly with their lives while their loved ones have suffered irreparable loss as a result of their deaths.

To this end, it is imperative to inform ourselves about some injurious practices we must avoid as we use the mobile phones so as to prevent these avoidable injuries or deaths. Now, one practice you must avoid as you use the mobile phone is that you must not use your mobile phone while it is being charged with public electricity, generator or power bank. Using your mobile phone to make calls, receive calls or browse the internet while it is being charged is an invitation to fire outbreak! Many mobile phones have caught fire because of this practice. Some mobile phone users who made calls while charging their phones with power banks in their bags or pockets of their trousers have witnessed fire outbreaks and sustained various degrees of burnt. Avoid this practice like a plague.

Another practice you must avoid is that you must never pick a call with a wet hand while the phone is being charged by public electricity supply. Doing this is an instant death. This is not a fairy tale or hearsay. A story was told of a young man who was washing his clothes when his phone he was charging rang. As he received the call with his wet hand, he was electrocuted instantly as there was no opportunity to revive him. It was a pathetic event. So, avoid this practice like a plague; it is an instant death warrant!

Again, don’t be charging your phone while you are asleep. The reason is because while you are asleep, high voltage of electricity can be released by public power supply which can result to fire outbreak. Such fire outbreak can engulf the entire building and burn it down. Once you want to go to bed, disconnect your phone from the electricity, this will enable you to have a peaceful sleep instead of charging your phone and be worrying about fire outbreak.      

In addition to the above, if you are charging your phone and your phone rings and you want to receive the call, please turn off the power supply socket and remove the phone charger from the socket before you leave that very spot. The reason is because if you remove your phone from the charger still connected to the socket with the power on, your little kinds can go there and put the USB charger into their mouths. Sometime ago, a man was charging his phone and the phone rang, he picked up his phone and left the charger still connected to the socket with the power on. His little baby boy of about 5 years walked to that very spot and put the live charger into his mouth and was electrocuted! It was a devastating story and this practice must be avoided.

Another practice you must avoid is that you must not use the torchlight on your cell or mobile phone while pouring fuel into the tank of your generator or trying to see the level of fuel in it while it is working. This can result to fire outbreak. Recently, a banker that was working with one of the commercial banks around the Ogba area in Lagos State was burnt to death when his mobile phone exploded as he was using the torchlight on his phone to see level of the fuel content in the fuel tank of his generator while it was working.

Likewise, don’t use your mobile phone close to your gas cooker while it is burning. It can explode and cause fire outbreaks. Reports have it that some houses have been burnt down as a result of explosions caused by cell phones used very closed to burning gas cookers. Avoid this practice.

Though, this report is not connected to the use of mobile phones but it is necessary it is mentioned here. If your gas cooker is burning and you see cockroaches or other insects in your kitchen, please don’t spray any insecticide in the kitchen because this can cause fire outbreak. A report has it that a certain lady was using her gas cooker in her kitchen when she saw a cockroach. She sprayed an insecticide inside the kitchen and it exploded, leading to her untimely death!    

Cell or mobile phones have become integral part of the daily activities of many Nigerians. This is because mobile phones have bridged the distances that hitherto existed among Nigerians before the advent of these portable communication devices. But as it is with everything in life, anything that has advantages must surely have disadvantages. Mobile phones have both advantages and disadvantages but let us observe the health tips mentioned above in order to avoid unnecessary pains, deaths and sorrow. 

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