October 26, 2020

Promoting good health

Tips To Keep The Mouth Fresh Always

By Onome Efe

Bad breath also known as halitosis is common to everybody. It is very difficult to come across any human being that doesn’t have bad breath.  No matter how wealthy a person may be, they must have a modicum of bad breath. Wealth doesn’t take away bad breathe; wealth doesn’t guarantee fresh breath.  The only difference between one mouth that is having bad breath and another mouth that is having fresh breath is maintenance. It is only the proper maintenance of the mouth at all times that takes away bad breath. It is the amount of attention a person gives to their mouth that will ensure fresh breath. If you give adequate attention and care to your mouth, it will definitely give out fresh breath.

Research shows that an average person speaks between 100-130 words per minute and 7,000 words daily. A new survey has revealed that Britain is a nation of chatterboxes with average person having 27 conversations a day. Such conversations last a period of 10 minutes each. The summation amounts to four and half hours a day and 68 days a year. Another research has revealed that an average woman speaks 20,000 words daily.

It is necessary to state it clearly that bad breath is very embarrassing to the person whose mouth oozes out bad breath. Your words determine how people perceive you and also relate with you. But if you have bad breath, how can people be comfortable to hear you speak with them? Bad breath makes people to avoid talking with the person who has bad breath. The reason is because bad breath is irritating and offensive; it makes people uncomfortable. Whenever the person that has bad breath is talking, people around them will do everything within their power to end the conversation abruptly so that they can be free from the scourge of the bad breath. For instance, since an average woman speaks 20,000 words daily, if a particular woman has bad breath you can imagine the number of persons she will offend on a daily basis. This is why bad breath should be curbed.

But what are the causes of bad breath? There are many factors that cause bad breath. First, when we eat, some particles of the foods stay in between the teeth and when such particles are not removed, they cause bad breath whenever we speak. Chewing tobacco or smoking also causes bad breath because tobacco has acidic odor. Eating foods that contain large quantities of onions, garlic and other spices will definitely cause bad breath. Other causes of bad breath include: toothache, gum disease, oral cancer, alcohol, coffee, mouth sores and tooth erosion.

Also, health problems like diabetes, liver, kidney and blood disorders can cause bad breath. When food particles enter the bloodstream and are carried to the lungs, they will affect the breath when we speak. As every problem has a solution, there are remedies for bad breath. Periodontists have recommended a number of measures to curb bad breath. These measures include regular dental checkups; brushing after every meal; replacing toothbrush every two to three months; scraping your tongue every morning; chewing a handful of cloves, aniseed, lemon or orange rind; using mouth freshener regularly; using mouth spray  frequently and taking mint once after each meal.

These recommendations are germane but a few of them will be expatiated upon. It is very good to brush after eating to keep the mouth fresh but this is not possible when we are at our places of work, business and other activities. Be that as it may, it is more convenient to go about our daily activities with our mouth spray, mouth freshener and mint. These items are a necessity that must be with us at all times so that we can easily use any of them after we have taken out meals. So, using mouth spray, mouth freshener and taking mint like toffees after each meal should become a norm if you want your mouth to smell fresh and sweet at all times.

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