October 26, 2020

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Things To Know About Corona Virus

By Tega Igho

The outbreak of the corona virus in far away Wuhan City, China has added to the league of viruses and diseases that are confronting the health of humanity globally. When infected by the virus, the victim falls sick with mild to serious respiratory tract illness and sometimes common cold. The common symptoms of the corona virus include: fever, cough, sore headache, runny nose and high temperature. 


Corona viruses are large groups of viruses that are common among animals but can be transmitted to man. Since the corona virus can also be transmitted by man, it is therefore frightening because human being are highly mobile due to many factors like business, education, tourism, friendships, marriages, work, visit to relatives etc. Owing to the high movement of humans, the virus which is communicable in nature, is spreading very rapidly. The virus can be spread from one infected person to another through touching, shaking of hands, kissing, coughing, sneezing, touching eyes, mouth and nose by hands infected by the virus.

The World Health Organization has declared the virus a pandemic as it has spread to other countries America, Britain, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Thailand, France, Brazil, just to mention but a few. The rapid spread of the virus across the globe has created sleepless nights for the citizens of the world as the virus has infected million of people. At a time, Italy became epicenter with many people dying daily until it was contained to some extent and at another time America also became the epicenter of COVID-19 with many Americans dying in their numbers. 

At the moment, Brazil has become the epicenter of the deadly corona virus as one million Brazilians have tested positive to the virus. In the recent global map, the virus has infected 8,639, 544 people with 459,224 deaths while 3, 312,722 people have recovered from the virus. Losing this huge number of people to a virus within a space of seven months is heartrendering!

There is no relief in sight at the moment because there is no vaccine available to protect or cure people of the virus but the simple and common preventive measure against the virus include: washing of hands with soap regularly, observe social distancing of two metres between you another person, using facemask outside your home, avoiding close contact with sick people, the sick should drink lots of water, stay at home, get enough rest and possibly see a doctor if you are sick. 

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