October 26, 2020

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How To Contain The Spread Of Corona Virus

By Victor Anya

There has never been anything that has threatened the entire world like the corona virus-not even World War 1 and 11. The world is currently in absolute confusion since there is no vaccine to cure the virus at the moment. Corona virus has compelled humanity to introduce new social relations as handshake, hugging, kissing which were once a norm across the globe have become taboos! These hitherto practices were at a point in time, replaced by legs touching legs, elbows touching elbows or folded arms touching folded arms. These new norms and ways of life have been replaced by a new world order-social distancing. Coughing in public places in which people standing nearby would say, “bless you” or “sorry, how are you feeling?” has become an abomination. People now run away from anyone that is coughing in a public place. Coughing into the palms has also become a taboo while the current vogue is to cough onto a bend elbow or coughing onto a handkerchief and throwing same into a waste bin after use is now the common practice. 

Two phrases have also been introduced into the communication style of the world such as “Don’t follow Men” which means that we shouldn’t touch our mouth, eye and nose-all in a bid to avoid contracting the corona virus. The second phrase is “To follow Women” which means that we should wash our hands regularly, observe social distancing, move away from crowded places, exercise regularly and avoid handshake-this is to enable us stay safe from the corona virus.

The use of facemasks has become compulsory, a way of life and a norm in public places in across the globe even though the World Health Organization has made it clear that facemasks can’t cure corona virus but can only limit its spread from person to person. Social distancing where there must be a distance of two metres between two persons or people is now the new social practice. People now avoid anyone that is coughing around them like a plague as everyone is under suspicious of having the virus. All these new lifestyles were imposed on humanity by the outbreak of the corona virus which occurred last December, 2019.

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